Obesity Surgery Ballarat

A Ballarat surgeon needed a website to present the practice in a professional and pleasing format. Joomla provides a great looking solution that can be updated by the business owner.


Joomla MenusTableMenu: :_getNode Failed

While redoing the Eltham Model Railway Club site I got the MenusTableMenu: :_getNode Failed whenever I tried to add a new item to any menu, even ones that were new. The admin part wasn’t working either so new modules could not be installed.


htaccess Redirect Attack

Rinet IT had a problem where some images weren’t being loaded for the drop down boxes on the front page. Using Firebug, an addon for Firefox (my favourite browser), the image link was OK but the image wasn’t being displayed in a small box in Firebug like it normally does; very puzzling. (more…)