Domains and Hosting

Safe and secure domains and hosting with Rinet IT.

Domain Name Registration

Your domain is an important link between your customers and your website.

For your site to be accessible you need to register your domain name. You can arrange this yourself or Rinet IT will be gladly register it for you.  Rinet IT can assist with your domain name selection.

It can be useful to have more than one domain point to the same site for better ranking better in Google's search results. Upon registration your contact details will be used as the owner and the technical contact will be Rinet IT. At present this is not possible for ".com" domains.

You are free to move your domain name to another provider provided all domain registration invoices have been paid.

Secure your business name with a domain name

$45 per annum

For .au, .com,, .net and domains. For others please ask for a quote.

Register today and secure your identity on the ‘net!

Website Hosting

Host with Rinet IT

$100 per year

Ideal for most web sites and you don’t want to do any of the server management. You get FTP access for uploading files and images. If you use WordPress images and other media are uploaded with a simple drag and drop with the mouse.

Your site is hosted with Rinet’s hosting provider. Your domain will point to your site as if it was hosted on its own server.


Fast Australian Servers

Using Ventra IP hosting with servers in Sydney. Your website will be fast and reliable.

WordPress Content Management System

Update your website yourself. Complete tuition is available. If you can use MS Word you can update WordPress. Joomla! also available.

Email accounts

Make a professional impression with business email addresses off your own business domain. Up to five email accounts with more available for extra cost.

1 GB of data storage

Storage for your website and emails, 1GB is ample for most applications. More space available at extra charge.

FTP access

Access your website's server folder from any FTP client like FileZilla or Windows and iMac.

If your site outgrows Rinet IT’s hosting it can be upgraded to its own hosting. Rinet IT can manage this for you.

You are welcome to acquire your own hosting. Many hosting companies will migrate new customer's websites at no charge. Rinet IT can assist with moving your website if required.

Note: This package is non-refundable.

Bring Your Own

Rinet IT can build your site on your existing hosting. All you need to do is supply the connection details and Rinet IT will do the rest.

Help is available to manage your own hosting charged at $50 per hour. Quotes for work required are available upon request. Or you can get Rinet IT's website care plan starting from $50 per month.

Ongoing Website Care

Rinet IT can assist with server management or you can do it yourself if so desired. For small jobs taking less than 15 minutes there’s no charge, for larger tasks taking 15 minutes or longer there is a labour charge of AU$50 per hour. Charges are calculated pro-rata to the nearest 30 minutes.

You will be notified if the task looks like it will take more than 15 minutes and therefore be chargeable.

For complete hassle free management of your website see the website care plan.

Experience Rinet IT

Let Rinet IT get your business on the web and start selling.

Rinet IT

ABN: 68 427 914 302

Let Rinet IT build your next website.
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