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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of making your site easier to understand by search engines such as Google and Bing so that your site will appear higher in their search results.

Rinet IT will consult with you to learn about your business and its customers. This way SEO and your website build can be built to attract the sales you need.

Google AdWords

Economical and target-able, Starting from five cents a click Google AdWords are cheap. Only the customers that are likely to buy from your business are targeted keeping wastage to a minimum.

To get started you need to...

Think About Your Business...

What does your business do? Does it provide products or services?

What edge does your business have? Are its products or services available anywhere else? What makes your products stand out from the rest?

And the easiest question, what area does your business serve? It it local, metropolitan, country town or the world?

And Your Customers...

Who are your customers? Think about the basics like age group, gender, location and their general interests. What is the best website design to attract them?

Have you ever surveyed your customers? Even only asking a few about how they feel about your business and why they chose it can provide valuable insights in what you are doing right and wrong to attract customers.

Search Terms

With your business and customers identities determined relevant search terms are researched as to which ones are the most effective.

Short or Long Tail search terms? Short tail terms such as "painter" are much harder to achieve high rankings for than long tail terms such as "house painter Eltham" for example. Long tail terms are more likely to get the customers you want as their search is closer to what your business is about. If you chose to use Google's AdWords service long tail terms are cheaper to buy.

Your website can target a set of search terms by using each page or a blog post or news item for a search term.

Search terms are woven into your website in the form of page titles and the URL's. Both the page title and URL will give your page credibility and earn it a better rank with the search engine.

Quality Content

Quality content is more important than ever.
Quality content is more important than ever.

Google loves quality content. Information that is relevant to your page title (ie search term) and easy to read and succinct will help your site rank higher.

Your search terms are included in the content; not just thrown in, but added so that they make sense and add value for the customer.


Images can help you find what your are searching for.
Images can help you find what your are searching for.

Images make your page more readable by breaking up the text and providing a point of interest. They are chosen to relate in some way to the keywords of the page.

Images need to be good quality and be optimised for load speed, as this is a factor in Google rankings.

For the best look Rinet IT needs your images at full resolution. They will be converted to a format and size for website use.

The "ALT" tag for each image can contain your key words plus your business name so that people can find your images in their search results. This will help direct more customers your way.

Mobile or Responsive

Websites need to be mobile compatible.
Websites need to be mobile compatible.

Mobile access is more common than desktop now, and Google will penalise websites that aren't viewable on mobile devices.

Your website will be responsive to the screen size. Your website will format itself automatically whatever it's being viewed on. size. The content only needs to be generated once and the device web browser does the rest.

In the rare case when responsive design will not work is to create another site with a sub-domain, like for example. This is ideal for content that's great on a desk computer but won't fit onto a mobile device. A separate site means a different user interface can be made, for example, for a pizza shop with online ordering.

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