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Research Tennis Club's old Joomla site was showing its age.

The Club News page.

And it was getting harder to maintain. WordPress does images more easily and is easier to keep up to date. By default it will automatically update the core software itself.

DHVC Forms

The addition of DHVC Form plugin is a big help when doing forms. Forms are easily created using a drag and drop technique and they look great and work well. Both the contact form and the new adult competition entry forms were created using DHVC Form.

Fixed Menu

Fixing the menu at the top of the page makes the site easier to navigate, especially if the page the user still has access to the menu to go elsewhere. No matter how far down the user scrolls the menu will always be at the top of the page.

Fixed Menu with Ultimatum

To achieve this with Ultimatum Theme in the edit layout screen add the class "nav-menu-fixed" (a standard Bootstrap class) to the wrapper of the row containing the menu.

Add the following to your CSS file:

.navbar-fixed-top {
background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0,0.8);
.logged-in .navbar-fixed-top {
top: 32px;

The background colour is set to a transparent black (or use any colour you like) to make the menu easy to read against the page.

The logged-in class is set so that when a user is logged in the menu is put below the administration one.


News updates add to the site's freshness and relevance to members.

The site can be viewed at

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