Website Care Plan

Keeping your website updated and backed up is vital to help keep it online and safe from malicious damage.

On going Maintenance

Rinet IT provides support for website and web server management.

If your site is hosted with Rinet IT small jobs taking less than 15 minutes there’s no charge, for larger tasks taking 15 minutes or longer there is a labour charge of AU$50 per hour. Charges are calculated pro-rata to the nearest 30 minutes. You will be notified if the task looks like it will take more than 15 minutes and therefore be chargeable.

For sites not hosted with Rinet IT all jobs are chargeable.

Website Care Plan

Starting from $50 per month, paid quarterly in advance you get:

Website Backups

The Website Care plan includes regular backing up of your site. Backups are kept on the server for a quick restoration and copies are kept offline in case the server has an issue. Backups are done monthly, for more frequent backups please ask for a price.

Core and Plugin Updates

Updates are vital to keeping your website safe from security threats. The core software of your WordPress or Joomla! website will be checked and updated if needed. The same for the plugins and modules. All website software must be kept updated to keep it safe.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Your website will be continuously monitored and if it’s down it will be fixed usually before you are aware there is a problem.

Daily Anti-virus Checks

Your website’s incoming traffic is checked for incoming hacks and viruses continuously. If there are any issues it will be fixed promptly to ensure care free operation and performance of your website.

Content & Other Changes

The plan includes 30 minutes of content and other changes. It can include items like new wording, font styling and colour changes. Copy writing and supply of images is extra at cost.

Hosting Service Changes

Complete CPanel functions management including: managing file space, email accounts, FTP accounts, database management, sub-domain and domain management plus more.

Optimisation and Spam Control

The plan includes removing unwanted spam and redundant post copies to keep the database lean and fast to improve its ranking with Google’s search results.

Phone and Email Support

The plan includes email support and up to 30 minutes of phone support for administrators and registered users of your website and email service. Available Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturday 8am to 1pm.

Google Analytics and Monthly Reports

Connecting Google Analytics helps you keep track of your user demographics which is excellent for marketing purposes. You get a monthly report which includes: security attacks, analytics, traffic and a performance check. Optional extra for $50 per month.

Other Rinet IT services such as hosting and domain name registration can be added with the Website Care Plan charge so that only one invoice needs to be paid every quarter. Please ask for a quote.


  1. Rinet IT will do its best to give you a hassle free website hosting and email service. Note that some problems are beyond Rinet IT’s control and outages may occur.
  2. Rinet IT reserves the right to change hosting providers at any time to obtain a better service for you.
  3. Rinet IT cannot be held accountable for emails that do not reach our servers. Rinet IT is able to assist regarding dealing with telecommunications and internet service providers to help you rectify the problem.
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