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Three Easy Hosting Options

Rinet IT makes it economical and easy for you to host your site. Make your choice and we’ll do the rest!

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Easy website hosting with Rinet IT.This is ideal for most web sites and you don’t want to do any of the server management. You get FTP access for uploading files and images. If you use WordPress images and other media are uploaded with a simple drag and drop with the mouse.

Your site is hosted with one of Rinet’s hosting providers. Your domain will point to your site as if it was hosted on its own server.


  • Fast Australian, US or Asian based hosting
  • One MySQL database, which is ample for small sites including those managed by a Content Management System.
  • Up to ten email addresses off your own domain.
  • Up to 1 GByte of data
  • FTP access

Easy Hosting Package — $80 per year

Ideal hosting starter package. Please note that this package is non-refundable.

If your site outgrows Rinet IT’s hosting it will be upgraded to its own hosting. Rinet IT will charge AU$25 for moving the site to its new location. You will also be charged for the new hosting at cost. Pro-rata refunds for hosting with Rinet IT are not possible.

This is if you want to look after some or all of the hosting management yourself.

CPanel makes managing your hosting a breeze.

CPanel makes managing your hosting a breeze.


You can do all of the CPanel functions including:

  • Set up your own databases
  • Asian based hosting with Siteground, award winning hosting
  • Set up and manage your own email addresses, up to five
  • Up to 1000MB of data
  • Manage your own FTP access
  • Traffic reports
  • plus more!

Please note that additional domains must be redirected to your main domain. It cannot be managed from the hosting’s CPanel.

CPanel Hosting Package — $80 per year (Asia based)

Ideal if you want to manage your own hosting. Setup included. Tuition available. Please note that this package is non-refundable.

Technology in businessFor larger web sites and for those who would rather be more autonomous with server management. Multiple domains pointing to your website are available for all except with SiteGround.

Rinet IT can deal with the hosting supplier on your behalf; you don’t need to waste your time listening to hosting jargon. Problems that arise later will be handled by Rinet IT saving you stress and time.

Starting from $250 per year Rinet IT can arrange hosting for you with a fast Aussie based service with VentraIP (Melbourne).

For $150 you can have your own hosting with Asia based SiteGround or US based NameCheap.

Third Party Hosting Package — $250 per year

Fast hosting from a servers located in Australia. Please note that this package is non-refundable.

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Rinet IT is happy to build your site on your existing hosting. All you need to do is supply the connection details and watch your site get built!

Unlike Third Party Hosting any problems that arise with the hosting company will need to be dealt with by you.

Help is available with your hosting charged at $50 per hour. Quotes for work required are available upon request.

A more economical plan would be to use Rinet IT’s hosting or Third Party hosting and is a better choice if you don’t have much experience with hosting issues.

Technical support from Rinet IT

Ongoing Website Care

Rinet IT can assist with server management or you can do it yourself if so desired. For small jobs taking less than 15 minutes there’s no charge, for larger tasks taking 15 minutes or longer there is a labour charge of AU$50 per hour. Charges are calculated pro-rata to the nearest 30 minutes.

You will be notified if the task looks like it will take more than 15 minutes and therefore be chargeable.

Website Care Plan

For peace of mind consider getting a Website Care Plan. Your website will be monitored for problems and repaired without you having to worry about it.

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