How we get you online

Follow the steps below to getting your business on the internet and selling for you.

Learning about your business

A great site will reflect your business and what it does. We gather information about your business such as your logo, products or works, contact details and photos.

If you don’t have a logo or photos Rinet IT can do a basic logo for you or for extra cost have one designed by one of our graphic designers. Photo sessions start from $100.

Domain name

From your business name or activity we make a domain name. This is what your customers enter into their browser to get to your site.

The name needs to be easy to remember, attractive and it can include what your business does.


The domain name connects your customers to a host, a fast computer that stores your site and will serve your web site to them.

You are welcome to provide your own domain name and hosting; and take $100 off the site cost.

Website design

Now the creation begins! Depending on what you want your site to achieve will depend on what site is built.

Stephen Malkin Clinical Psychologist. A brochure website by Rinet IT.


Costing from $150 this is a single page site which contains basic information about your business. You can include a photo or two of your work or products, or even a photo of yourself!

This is a an excellent and economical way to get your business onto the internet and be found by your customers.

Clever Words, an informational website. Built by Rinet IT.


Often one page isn’t enough. Informational sites present more information about your business. Several pages can cover things like your contact details, business information, products or services and examples of your work. The cost is from $500.

A Content Management System is included so you can update the site yourself. All you need are basic typing skills and if you get stuck help is included in the price. Rinet IT mainly uses WordPress,  Joomla and Drupal are available too. All are reliable, secure, well supported and they are easy to Search Engine Optimize.

Eleven Eight, an e-commerce website. Built by Rinet IT.

Online Shop or eCommerce site

From $1000 you can have a complete online shop selling almost anything. If your products are electronic, like music or books on disc you don’t even need to post things out as customers can download them.

The selling process is fully automatic, money is collected from the customer and an invoice is sent out. You receive the order and send the product off to the customer.

New products and other changes can be done by you or by Rinet IT.

Bespoke text on a black tag


This is for businesses where a special web site is needed, for example presenting specialised information or special interaction with the customer. You may need to gather special information or get them to interact with your site.

We will discuss your needs and make a recommendation on the best way to go.

With Rinet’s expertise you will get a site that works well and looks great.


Search Engine Optimisation

As your site is being built SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is being incorporated into your website. This addition makes it easier for search engines such as Google and Bing to find your site when customers are searching for what your business supplies.

Ongoing support

Once your site is completed you won’t be on your own. For a small monthly fee of $50 your site will be monitored for problems and backed up regularly. All updates are included.

Alternatively contact Rinet IT when you need help. Small jobs less than 15 minutes are not charged. Longer jobs are charged at $50 per hour.