Mobile Locksmith

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Another site built without having to wrestle with Content Management Systems and the long CSS files that often accompany the templates or themes.

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This site has multiple domains pointing to it. Rather than have a separate site for each one the PHP script grabs the URL used to call the site up and then queries a database for the different information which is then inserted into the page being viewed.

And if any of the information changes it’s an easy change to the database.

Contact Form

Contact forms need to be validated twice. Ideally while the user is entering data, so that corrections can be fixed up without going through the Submit process; and more importantly again using PHP in case they have Javascript turned off.

I used jQuery’s validation plugin. The plugin comes with a number of builtin validations. I had to get one to validate Australian phone numbers, using the following:

Once past the Javascript and after pressing the submit button PHP validates it again. If OK a mail message is sent off to the site owner. Upon failing a message is printed on the web page itself.


All of the images were sourced from the internet and modified to suit the site. I am finding creating the images very satisfying. Fireworks makes the job a lot easier.

The logo too was made with Fireworks, I used a checkerplate texture to give the logo an industrial feel. Adding shadows to the pad lock helps lift it from the background, making it stand out better.

The site can be viewed by going to