Eltham Mud Brick Tour

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The Eltham Mudbrick Tour, run by Eltham High School, needed a new website that featured their sponsors more prominently.

Ultimatum is the theme used and this helps make the site easy to update. For example as tours come and go the header alternates between one which has a link for the tickets and one which does not.

Managing the Sponsors Display

Sponsors are set up using a custom post type. New ones are created using a form and this helps keep the information consistent and improving the display on the front page.

If a sponsor goes the category of Gold, Bronze or Silver Sponsor is removed and they won’t appear on the front page. If they sponsor the tour again the appropriate category is simply re-applied and they will then appear under the correct heading.

Silver sponsors for 2018
Silver sponsors for 2018. Eltham Mudbrick Tour, November 2018.
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The website is at elthammudbricktour.org.au

Tours are held every October. A must see for anyone interested in mud brick houses and domestic architecture. Book early to avoid missing out.