Dolphin Distributors


Dolphin Distributors needed to showcase the many fantastic bakeries they service, along with the tasty bakery products they can deliver.

The website features the bakeries and products. Each bakery has its own page with a list of the food items they make. Originally the front page had the bakery images as well but the owner thought that this made Dolphin Distributors seem to be dominating the bakery’s own websites too much.

A pop up form is available from the footer of every page. DHVC Form makes building forms an easy job and it integrates well with WPBakery Page Builder. Pop up forms are quicker than having to load another page for the form. Such a delay could cause the user to lose interest and navigate away from the website.


The site could have had an online shop for cafés and shops to order their stock, but they are familiar with sending an email or fax. I suspect the regular orders don’t change much and it’s easier for the café owner.

The website can be viewed at

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