Culina Bakery

Portfolios: Featured and WordPress.

Culina Bakery needed a website to debut their new Biome Boost Spelt Bread with Prebiotic Resistant Starch bread.

Since a new website was being created it was wisely decided to promote the other breads too. The website includes all of the nutritional information especially needed by customers with dietary limitations.

Fixed Background

Searching for inspiration I came across Loafer Bread’s website. I liked how the background stays fixed as the page is scrolled down.

Professional Photography

The client first supplied me with photos of the bread products taken with an iPhone. The images were okay after editing but I still wasn’t really happy with them and neither was the client. Thankfully Kelly Stephens, a professional photographer, was hired to capture the bread. The images make a significant difference to the website’s look.

The End Result

The site can be viewed at

The long and beautiful home page
The long and beautiful home page. Culina Bakery website build. March 2019.