Grid Elements for Visual Composer

Ultimatum Theme now comes with Visual Composer and one great feature is “Grids”.

Grids are used to display a summary of posts, pages plus many more items with Visual Composer.

This page demonstrates each supplied grid template using the “Resources” category. You can design your own grids too, check out the samples on the Visual Composer site.

Basic grid: Default
Basic grid: Fade with side content
Basic grid: Go top slideout
Basic grid: No animation
Basic grid: Scale in with rotation
Basic grid: Slide bottom with icon
Basic grid: Slide from left
Basic grid: Slide from top
Basic grid: Text first
Basic grid: Vertical flip
Masonry grid: Default
Masonry grid: Blur out
Masonry grid: Fade in
Masonry grid: Go top
Masonry grid: Icon slide out
Masonry grid: Overlay with rotation
Masonry grid: Scale with rotation
Masonry grid: Slide from left
Masonry grid: Slideo out from right
Masonry grid: With side content

Masonry media: Default
Masonry media: Bordered scale
Masonry media: Scale with content block
Masonry media: Scale with rotation light
Masonry media: Simple blur with scale
Masonry media: Simple overlay
Masonry media: Slide top
Masonry media: Slide with title and caption
Masonry media: Solid blur out

Media grid: Default
Media grid: Blur with content block
Media grid: Bordered scale with title
Media grid: Fade in with icon
Media grid: Horizontal flip with fade
Media grid: Scale in with icon
Media grid: Scale with rotation
Media grid: Simple overlay
Media grid: Slide in title
Media grid: Slide out caption