Joomla MenusTableMenu: :_getNode Failed

While redoing the Eltham Model Railway Club site I got the MenusTableMenu: :_getNode Failed whenever I tried to add a new item to any menu, even ones that were new. The admin part wasn’t working either so new modules could not be installed.


Disable WordPress Auto Update

With the release of WordPress 3.7 came automatic updates. While in principle this is fine occasionally there is a bad update or some of your old plugins are not compatible with the new WordPress version. (more…)

Ubuntu uninstall problems

I decided to remove some redundant software from my Ubuntu Maverick Meercat (vers 10.10) install and try and improve its performance as it only has a 1.6 GHz processor.

Being an old install the software repository is no longer supported and I had to set up a legacy one by searching Google. I updated the repository files and it was working fine.