Why Rinet IT

There are many reasons why you should use Rinet for your next project.

Attractive Web Sites

An enticing website is vital to attract and keep visitors on your site. The longer they stay the more likely they are to buy a product or service. The site needs to load fast and be easy to use. The customer’s desires must be within three mouse clicks or they will lose interest and move on. Rinet understand the importance of keeping your site’s design tight and accessible.

Graphics and interactive elements are useful in enhancing visual appeal. Rinet uses these where they add to the value of your site. Interactive elements can save space by revealing content when appropriate or selected. They can also immediately alert the visitor to problems with form entries right away instead of waiting for an annoying screen reload.

The Right Content

Succinct relevant content is important to keep the customer’s attention. Reading from the screen can be hard, so less can be more! Quality content also helps your site rank higher in Google’s search engine results, creating organic traffic without any expense to you.

Powerful Marketing with SEO

Two ways to get traffic are organic sources and paid referrals. Rinet IT researches the most common search phrases that are relevant to your business. This information is used to include these key words into the content of your site.

Other sources of traffic include Google’s Adwords and advertising on large community sites such as Facebook. Special interest sites relevant to your business may be useful in advertising your site. In turn your site can direct traffic to others for a fee paid to you. The content management system that Rinet IT uses provides for this.

Easy & Economical

Rinet IT will design and build your website with the minimum of fuss. We consult with you to find out how your business works and then determine the best way for the site to achieve its objectives. If it’s OK we will also talk to your customers to see what they want as well; to make a site that appeals to everyone who will use it.

Rinet IT has access to many free and low cost ready made templates. These are then customised so that they look and feel part of your business. This rapid method of development reduces costs and gets your site ready quickly.